How can counselling/ psychotherapy be of benefit to you?

About Therapy and counselling (in TW9, central for Surrey and London residents).

The process of therapy is about exploring challenging areas of your life.  It is important that your individual experience is validated, as this allows for personal insight, creating an enhanced sense of well being and enhanced self awareness. 

Essentially we all have needs and choices, and sometimes these needs are not met, or choices feel stifled, or possibly we are feeling unheard.  In this respect Counselling can be a liberating experience. 

Alternatively you may simply wish to review ways of gaining a more balanced and meaningful existence, or simply wish to feel more in control of your affects and your life. 

When seeking counselling it is therefore important that you find the right therapist, who is professional and empathic.  I offer an integrative approach which blends a mixture of approches tailored to each individual. Perhaps you feel guilty taking time out for self, and yet attending therapy is a positive part of good self care.