It is a well known fact that a majority of relationships could benefit from " improved communication" . A major stumbling block in relationships is the lack of communication that actually takes place.

Instead there is a lot of presuming and believing that your partner knows what you are feeling and thinking. This can invariably lead to one side of the couple feeling unheard, simply disconnected or possibly not feeling respected. This can then tap into earlier life experiences, where one was possibly unable to vocalize their needs and felt repressed or trapped. If a lack of communication is detected early on in a relationship, there is a significantly higher chance of getting the relationship back on track.

Sometimes it is a question of lack of self-esteem, which presents itself through one partner being unable to get their needs met, by not being able to ask for what they need, or possibly do not need. This invariably can cause an imbalance in the relationship, if one partner is satisfying their needs, to the possible disregard of the other. It is at this point that the relationship boundaries start to become blurred between the couple, particularly if they have not been clearly established in the first instant, upon meeting and getting to know one another.

It is in this vein that I seek to encourage clients to observe their ways of communicating, allowing them to develop a more congruent and satisfying liaison. It is only when we are able to interrelate at a deeper level, that we can improve upon the quality of a relationship.